STW… Swim, Tan, Working out!

2400_man_running_on_beach_1900x580Who loves to swim? I know I do. If you live anywhere that is experiencing snow conditions and cold temperatures, I know you are thinking about being pool side or even at the beach.

While many of us try our hardest to stay on a workout during the winter times, many of us fail. Snuggling with our favorite blanket and being a couch potato is something that is good to do. Having will power and the strength to fight through the battles is a hard task but can be achieved by all.

If not hitting your desired weight goals and feel it’s too late, don’t worry there are still exercises you can do now and continue throughout the summer. Joining a pool would be the first step.

Swimming workouts are so affected. Doing these one who summer I noticed a huge difference in my muscle strength. Trying these few water workout exercises will get you on your way to better muscle tone and to lose the weight that you want.

1. First things first- Have a positive mind set. Do not think you will jump into the water on your first time and expect to do hours of cardio water workouts. Minutes later you might be exhausted. Starting slow and setting goals is the best key to your success.
2. Breaststroke
3. Backstroke
4. Swimming in a Lane
5. Even when you’re having fun swim doggy style to build up muscle in your legs

Trying these five steps are guaranteed to build up muscle tone, and be stress free. Have you ever seen a stressful person at the beach or pool? Getting a tan, swimming, and working out all at the same time is not a talent, is something that can be easily done.

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