Open Water Swimming Tips

Open Water Swim Tips

Open water swimming is so much different from the pool. It’s almost hard to fathom not different it truly is. Here is part one of our open water swim series, Open Water Swim Tips.

In part one we go over the basics when it comes to open water: safety, swimming straight, and rounding a buoy or turn. There are many other tips to being out in the open water but these three can help anyone new to the water or even if you are just getting in for the fist time this year.

Safety First
– Know the water temp, currents and any under water obstacles before getting into the water.
– Always swim with a buddy.
– When wearing a wetsuit, know that you can always float on your back.

Swimming Straight
– Practice by swimming with your eyes closed for 10-20 stroke. See if you needed up where you wanted to be. Adjust accordingly.

Rounding a Buoy
– Left turn: Approach the buoy, use your left arm to pull across and under your body. Your right arm also crosses toward the buoy. Practice with both left and right turns.

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