Open Water Swim Tips: Entering The Water

Open water swim tips, entering the water

This week we focus on entering the water when waves are present. Entering the open water an seem like a daunting task. The water might be cold, there could be rocks, or even waves!

Entering the open water when waves are coming straight at you is a terrible feeling. Most of us don’t get to practice this on a regular basis. Don’t fear! There are some secrets to entering the water when waves are breaking.

Run through the water off the beach until it reaches knee-height. Continue knee-high running until the water goes over the knee

Dolphin Dive
Once over knee-high, dolphin dive pushing forward off the ground diving just under the surface of the water

Dive Under Waves

Dive under the waves, once the wave forms dive down to touch the bottom with fingers, push off ground with hands

Keep Moving
Continue to move forward until waves no longer break

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